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  Hukkum Bus Allah Ka
Date: 21st Nov 2017 (Viewed:25 )
  Sudoor e Gunah Ki Kayfi …
Date: 15th Nov 2017 (Viewed:34 )
  Khel Kood Ki Sharai Hud
Date: 11th Nov 2017 (Viewed:50 )
  Naiki Kay Baab
Date: 7th Nov 2017 (Viewed:46 )
  Amal Ki Maqbuliat
Date: 7th Nov 2017 (Viewed:44 )
  Safar Aur Tawahumaat
Date: 23rd Oct 2017 (Viewed:53 )
  Asraate Tayyebaat
Date: 25th Sep 2017 (Viewed:66 )
  Muharram Mahe Muhtaram
Date: 21st Sep 2017 (Viewed:59 )
  Aah e Sehra Ho Mubarak
Date: 9th Feb 2015 (Viewed:1101 )
  Kisi Ashiq ki Zabani
Date: 29th May 2011 (Viewed:0 )
  Main Pochounga Shaheedu …
Date: 29th May 2011 (Viewed:0 )
  Mein Tou Is Qabil Na Th …
Date: 1st Aug 2010 (Viewed:2478 )
  Ashaar-Saamnay Unkay ha …
Date: 11th Jun 2017 (Viewed:320 )
  Bihamdilah Sultane Jaha …
Date: 15th May 2017 (Viewed:226 )
  Ahtesabe Roze Mehshar
Date: 8th May 2017 (Viewed:205 )
  Narae Mastana Mara Chah …
Date: 2nd May 2017 (Viewed:158 )